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How much of a Makeup Junkie are you?

How much of a Makeup Junkie are you?

After developing an exhaustive market research, I have come up with a classification of the types of women and their degree of makeup addiction.

The Compulsive Tester

She tries everything. Her hand weights twice as much after she tries all nail polish colors and lipsticks at Sephora. Her hand can be scary, and it can be comparable to Freddie Krueger’s hand.

makeup junkie

The Free Spirit

She does not wear makeup. She does not care. Maybe, a bit of lip balm. Sometimes.

my best makeup is a good night´s sleep

Kim Kardashian II

She wakes up at 6:30 for a long session of makeup, even if she just needs to go out of the house to some errands. You never know when you can find your soulmate. Maybe she will find him at the supermarket.

Kim Kardashian

The Jackson Pollock

She applies too much makeup on herself. But better she didn’t because she looks like a Jackson Pollock painting. Please, somebody help her!

jackson pollock

The Always Flawless

She is always perfect. Simple make up in the right proportions, nicely done hair, nice glasses, matching earrings, special handbag, and the ideal accessories.

jenny walton

The Buy 2 Get One Free

She buys a lot of makeup, but it is always the cheapest. Her ultimate satisfaction is to find something for a dollar, anything really.

good deal

The Jolie-Lima

She is very hated, she does not wear makeup because she does not really need it, she is a hybrid between Angelina Jolie and Adriana Lima…and if she decides to wear makeup, it is game over for everybody else. She will get all the attention.

angelina jolie

The Minimalistic

She uses until the last drop of makeup in any bottle/dispenser.


The Discount Addict

She goes to Sephora directly to the discounted items section. She goes crazy, and she buys things that she will never use. “Oh! This cream for cuticles sounds familiar, I think I have seen it in a magazine, it is the one Hollywood stars wear. It was $200 before and now it is just $125! Mine!


The Red Detector

She can tell apart thousands of different lipsticks and different tones of red among all brands that exist on this planet and beyond. When she goes out she tells other women things like: “ You are wearing a Russian Read, aren’t you? That one is the Red Punch Vivid Matte Liquid of Maybelline!

When she discovers a new red lipstick in the market, she buys it.  If her boyfriend happens to be with her, he will say: “Sweetie, don’t you have that one?”, to which she will answer: “similar, but not this one exactly”.

russian red

The Normal makeup Gal

She has makeup and she is relaxed about it.

normal girl

The Solidary Makeup Artist

She can’t handle someone who wears makeup badly. She is always carrying a ton of makeup with her and helps women who need a hand to look a bit better. She is detail oriented and a perfectionist, she can’t control herself. She will help anybody, anywhere. Her favorite sentences are:

  • “Excuse me, you should groom your eyebrows”.
  • “Sorry, your mascara is a mess… oh! Sorry, are you crying?”
  • Where are you going with that liner! Come here, I can fix that in a sec!
  • That tone of pink does not fit you well, you should try this purple one…
  • “You should not wear so much blush”.

Many Jackson Pollock came her way.

grace jones

The Heiress

She never buys makeup. She is lucky to have that posh friend, the one who buys a lot, never uses it, and then gives it away, and it happens to be expensive makeup! We all want a friend like that!

makeup heiress

Who are you? Can you relate? Who would you want to be? Do you recognize your friends in the description above? Tag them!!! ;-)

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