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What makes us look beautiful? What makes us look ugly?

What makes us look beautiful? What makes us look ugly?

It sometimes happens that someone in theory beautiful, we see him/her ugly. We think: She is not that beautiful. Maybe because she is too cool for school, or because some other people think she is marvelous, and… not really. Or the other way around, someone in theory not that beautiful, but has charm, not handsome, but attractive. Because he has something, he has charisma.

Apart from the appearance, there are many other things that embellish or, on the contrary, ruin lots.

The personality makes the difference as well. And apart from the personality, there are so many things taking into account. Things that are obvious but not to others.

Why is that? After years of research and observation, I have come to the following conclusions.

Let’s start with the ugly things, I will save the best for last.

(The following dont´s list is unorganized)

– Being an unfriendly person, moody, complaining all the time, getting angry for nothing

– Being negative all the time

– Swearing and using obscene words all the time

– Talk too much about yourself all the time

– To have a very shrill voice, and scream instead of speaking

– Waddling gait. And speaking of walking, if you don´t know how to walk in high heels, first you need to practice at home.

– Overlook the existence of a deodorant or Listerine

– To be arrogant, believing he/she is superior and unique

– Making fun of others and be a niggler

– Selfishness

– Smoking blowing smoke everywhere no matter what. Smoking is bad. Super bad. But at least, smoke with elegance and consider about non-smokers

– Having a bad posture: to sit wrong, wrong eating … care about protocol

– Disrespect and disregard others. Making noise, not giving up seats…

– Vulgarity (is a very broad concept that will be defined later on)

In summary, we should have a sense of respect and decorum.

Well, I mean people who are all the time like this. Everyone has a bad day, and no one is perfect.

And now, let’s focus on the good things that beautify:

– Smile a lot, sympathy, kindness

– To make someone laugh. We love people who make us laugh! Is great having good sense of humor. Is very seductive.

– Intelligence, insight

– Positivism despite the circumstances, is so contagious and brightens your day

– The empathy. Those who are always ready to help, who listen and care about others

– To be thoughtful, attentive

– To have a nice and soft voice. A voice is music to the ears

– Humbleness, simplicity

– Bringing out the best in others

– Having a fresh, pleasant and mild scent

– Being discreet, prudent

– To be ELEGANT (although this concept deserves to be broken down and defined in depth, as it encompasses other concepts).

In short, beautiful things are simple, full of positivism.

Let us be happy and positive. Be thankful for what you got and live the moment.

And many more things that I might forgot. If you think that I missed something, please, comment.


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