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Underwear also matters

Underwear also matters

I will start this post to talk about the importance of underwear, in this case not to show it, but to hide it.

When we wear certain garments, we have to think about the underwear to wear it with.

Here a list of things that I thought about and how to wear them with:

  • Dress / white linen shirt: Usually slightly transparent, for this we wear underwear with the same tone of our skin. If we put it white, it is going to look even whiter and more obvious.

  • Tight pants / leggings / tight dress: Choose the right size of panties. When panties are too tight, and also your pants, might look like if we had double cheek, and that is fatal. Preferably wear larger panties than small ones. Also careful with noticeable thongs, I don´t know what is worse! There are seamless panties that feels like a second skin, I think they are the best.

 When you squeeze yourself into a pair of super tight jeans, looks like Spanish chorizo.

  • Necklines, back necklines: Choose the right bra, there are a thousand inventions for each type. A large back neckline is designed supposedly to show it off, not the bra! It does not matter if you wear a nude-color bra … and even a bra with silicone strips, silicone is also seen, not invisible.

  • Strapless: Same thing as necklines.
  • Stretch dress / T-shirt: If we have a lace bra or other textured bra, wearing a garment that fits and insinuates bra texture, is better to choose a plain bra.

  • I also want to say something else. Be careful when bending over! Luckily high-waisted pants are trendy now, because I have seen many butts.

And panties and thongs are not meant to stick out.

Unless you want to wear a nice and special bra to show in purpose with a special blouse, FINE, that is fine, actually lingerie tops and dresses are so trendy right now. But that is another point.

Victoria’s Secret underwear is so nice and makes me want to wear it out there. But that´s why it is called underwear.


Today I feel like Adriana Lima, yeah!

What makes us look beautiful? What makes us look ugly?

What makes us look beautiful? What makes us look ugly?

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