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Stunning Red Lips

Stunning Red Lips

Nothing has as much power as red lips. Nothing, no garment, with the exception of maybe a nice pair of high heels.

A couple of months ago, at work, on a regular Wednesday, a colleague passed by my desk, I looked up and suddenly I saw her, with red lipstick on. I wonder how my face looked like, I raised my thumbs up: ´´Yes! You look amazing! Awesome! You look so beautiful today!!!´´. She was on the phone and I couldn’t compliment her with words in that moment. Right after she hanged up, I congratulated her. For you to understand, she is a normal girl. She never dress up. Sometimes she wears high heels, sometimes she wears a business dress, but she never wears makeup. Even that day, she was just wearing a red lipstick, with no foundation, no NOTHING. She didn’t change anything, but the red lipstick.


It´s amazing the power red lipstick has!

When I see a woman with flawless red lips on the subway, in a movie, or in a fashion editorial… I love it! It inspires me so much.

If I had to choose just one cosmetic, I would definitely choose a red lipstick. You could also use it as a blush, put some color on your eye lids…

Girls, my advice: if you feel down, if you feel super happy, no matter how you feel, a red lipstick is the solution. If you are not used to wear a red lipstick, even more! Probably you will feel different too, a bit weird… it´s normal. If you have never done it, try it! Maybe someone will compliment you! I´m sure about that!!!

Red is a color that any woman can wear and pull it off. No matter her features, her skin color or her age. It´s WONDERFUL! Different reds fits better on different skin colours. If you have fair skin, avoid orange reds, if you have medium dark skin, you can use reds with pink undertone, and if you have dark skin you can go for darker reds and purplish reds.

Here some different effects we can achieve with red lips:

  • Matte
  • Ombré
  • Satin
  • Glossy
  • Glittery


1. Red lips pencil: If you want to have FLAWLESS, PERFECTLY AWESOME red lips, is important the use of a red pencil. First we draw the outline. Also the color will be long-lasting.

2. Fill lips up: With a lipstick, or a brush (I personally prefer with a brush) I fill up the rest. Choose a matte or satin product depending on the effect you want to achieve.

* I highly recommend NARS Velvet Matte lip pencil. They come out with gorgeous colors, long-lasting, with a matte finish, and your lips doesn’t get dry, like some other matte lipsticks. Very easy to apply, you can draw the outline and then fill up the lips.

3. Extra: If you want super glossy red lips, apply it with a lip brush. I recommend ´´lipglass´´from MAC. The glossiest gloss in the world. A bit sticky though.

To draw perfect lips takes time and PRACTICE!

If you have thin lips don´t be afraid to slightly overdraw them, NOT TOO MUCH. But if you have voluptuous lips, don´t go beyond. Otherwise it will look too much.

To do the lips it´s like doing the eyeliner. The stroke is very important, but also is CRUCIAL that both sides are SYMMETRICAL.

Of course these steps could be applied on another lips color. But… there´s nothing like red lips.


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