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The pleasure of going shopping in the sales

The pleasure of going shopping in the sales

cute puppy

Sales! Hurrah! They are so pleasant. Sometimes I go for a walk with my boyfriend, and there is usually a moment while walking in the city center when I have to use my puppy dog eyes and I look to my boyfriend. He is very smart and he knows me very well, and he says: Zara!? Again?! Deeply, I know that I am a puppy dog eyes expert and I have the super persuasive power. When I see the big red sign with 50% and 70% off… I can´t help it!

- We already came 2 times this week!

- Love, I know, but I want to see what´s new here… maybe some new discounts that I missed! I have to take this chance!

After checking the whole store one million times and every garment, I have to use my puppy dog eyes again when I see the big queue waiting for the cashier. Of course I discarded the idea of waiting on the fitting room to try on my selected pieces, so I assume they will fit me well. Fortunately, Victor (my boyfriend), brought his iPad, so he is greatly entertained with his finance reading.

One of the best satisfactions you can have is to find one item that previously you had looked at, and for some reason, you did not buy it, and finally you see it with a discount and… it is your size!

- Camila, you already have a very similar pair.

- My love, but these are slightly different, the heel is different, they are perfect for going to work comfortably, and the color is slightly darker, so it is very easy to wear… and also they are real leather boots!

That’s the key. You have to highlight the good points: the quality, the comfort, the versatility… for my boyfriend’s approval, I need to show that it will be a good investment. I have to say that I am very lucky that he is taking care of the finances and he is very smart about spending money. A minimalist person is perfect to balance a crazy girl buyer’s life and avoid bankrupt.

I made a listing of different types of Crazy Girls on Sales. Which buyer rank are you?

A - Crazy Compulsive Sales Buyer. This type of woman only buys on sales time and never looks at new collection pieces. She will be anxious waiting for the Black Friday, the winter sales and the end of June summer sales. She even works out to develop good biceps to hold as many hangers with clothing as possible per arm. She will be the first at the shopping mall at 9.30 am the first day of sales waiting for the shop to open ready to elbow if needed, because her goal is to get inside the first one, and she is not the only one there. Usually, she will wear sneakers and comfy clothes, this is a competitive sport and she might need to run. Her eyes are extremely sensitive to red signs and red labels. She will never miss any round of the period of sales, especially, she will enjoy the last ones, because she can see the progress of the discount of that particular garment, with lots of layers of stickers so she can see the original price till the last price. She feels like a hero, with a garment from 60€ and she ended paying just 9,90€! Actually, it is the garment nobody wanted, but she will wear it with pride. In her closet, she always has clothes with the price tags, and most likely they will die like that because she never buys smartly.

what is apart from zara
purple dress

B - Cool Sales Buyer. She loves fashion, she is vain. But she knows there is a life apart from ZARA. She loves everything, she loves variety and novelties. She can wear a Celine bag, vintage clothes, seasonal clothes, clothes on sales, Primark sunnies, clothes from flea markets, shopping online… shabby mixed with luxury. She follows fashion and understands fashion, knowing how to get the most of herself. She is aware of the sales period, but she is not crazy about it. Her friends will compliment her garments, and with pride and a smile she will reply: 10 € at the flea market. Finding bargains is an art, and you have to show it off!

ladies come on

C - Antidiscounts. Discounts? Sales? No way! This woman loves fashion, of course, she always looks pretty and classy and knows a lot of fashion and brands. She is passionate about the new and exclusive goods. For her, something expensive is synonymous with good. And the more expensive the better. For her to compete for a garment is the lowest thing ever. She travels a lot to NY, Milan, London and Paris. And everything that she sees on the window displays, ends up in her closet. The costume jewelry is not in her vocabulary and she only wears high-end jewelry. The price tag on her selected garments do not have a red sticker, and if so, she will no longer fancy them.

sales no way

D - Calmed Sales Buyer. She likes fashion, but with relaxation. She prefers quality to quantity. She likes to look beautiful, but she is more simple and minimalist. She is practical and shops smartly, because most women have a lot of clothes, but at the end we always end up wearing the same clothes. She got her eyes on some garment and she waits until it's reduced. When she goes shopping she has in mind a fixed idea of what she is looking for. She is able to buy the same sweater in 5 different colors. If she goes with the idea of buying distorted jeans, she simply leaves the store with just the jeans without falling into the bad temptations, and not like others, who buy half-store except the jeans.

i love denim
turtle neck
faded jeans

E - The heiress. She doesn't buy in the sales or the new collections, she doesn't buy anything. She doesn't wear makeup either because the physical appearance is not among her priorities. She cares about others and the problems of the world. She will be waiting for her sister, who can be a calmed sales buyer, to get tired of a sweater of those jerseys in 5 different colors that she had bought, or she will ask her mother borrowed pants. She tends to be aware of her friends closet cleaning up because maybe she will get something. And luckily they have her size!

can I try

Maybe we have some percentage of one or two, or maybe, we have a bit of every type. 

Women from group C!, try sales, they are so good!

Long life to Zara! Long life to Amancio Ortega and his empire!

Hugs and kisses to all of you, I´m leaving, Zara just opened.

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