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Endangered Beauty: Naturalness.

Endangered Beauty: Naturalness.

What would we do without makeup! I mean, nothing, nothing, nothing at all! That would be so difficult. For sure, much better every time when we woke up in the morning. If we want 5 extra minutes in bed, even just 5 minutes means a lot of happiness, it feels so good!

I don´t know you guys but… I don´t look the same when I just wake up than now while writing this post. I need an awakening process, take a shower, wash my face, some retouching… to be presentable for the society and mainly to feel good with myself.

My motto for makeup, despite being a passionate-obsessed-crazy makeup person is LESS IS MORE. Especially for the day-to-day, it is more beautiful, nice and discreet look, without looking exaggerate and overloaded. I have to say that sometimes I wear loads, but not very often, maybe when I have a special event, or just because I´m bored.

This year, I have seen these trends in beauty about “the nude”, “no makeup-makeup” , but really? Where in fashion shows, editorials, but in reality, not really! (Except for those who never wear makeup no matter is a trend or not). I tested searching in Instagram and Pinterest, I would say a 90% of the pictures tagged “natural makeup” are not NATURAL at all. Lots of overpainted brows, lots of contouring, lots of everything. The conception of the term natural is distorted, or people just put the wrong hashtags not corresponding with the actual photos.

According to a dictionary, this is the following definition for natural: Lack of elaboration. I will share my nobodyisugly’s tips to get a natural appearance enhancing your beauty with a few steps:

  1. Facial cleansing. (I’m working on a new post about the basic steps to take, and basic and non-basic products to apply for a facial care).
  2. Moisturize, Moisturize, Moisturize. This is very important. Mandatory. Take into account our skin type, oily or dry, and also our age. For me, an eye cream is also very important.
  3. Concealer, and also some color corrector for some imperfections we may have. Remember we need green colors for redness.
  4. Blush. I like to use a pinkish blush, and I can’t imagine a woman who can’t pull this off.
  5. Clear mascara. I put on my eyelashes but also I can brush my eyebrows with it.
  6. Lip balm. If it has a touch of color, the better. Having a glossy finish gives a touch of freshness. 


7. Strobing. Light your face up. You can use cream or powder. I like MAC Mineralize Lightscapade. If someone says “Oh… you shine, you look sweaty”, you can reply, Babe “I glow”. Remember, don’t put too much, you don’t want to blind people around you.

8. Powder. Use transparent power (I like loose ones) to fix and mattify, especially for people who don’t like to “shine”. You can use the same sentence as before.

9. Water. Evian Brumisateur Facial Spray, I especially use it in the mornings, it refreshes me, and if I am sleepy, wakes me up! Also, fixes the makeup. You can recycle the sentence again if you need to use it. Apart from this, drink lots of water! Stay hydrated!

It looks like there are a lot of steps, but not really! You can be ready in less than 5 min. You don´t need more. It´s a perfect makeup if you are in a rush, you don´t have much time, this is very quick. Even if you still have no time, you still can finish the work in the taxi, in the metro…

These steps are very basic, and it looks as if you didn´t put makeup on, just small retouches, enhancing our beauty without being artificial. It is also a perfect makeup for beginners or those afraid to use makeup. It´s a good start. For the day-to-day, I´m a foundation enemy, especially on summer! I´ve seen girls with amazing perfect skin and the put lots of foundation!!! If you have a gorgeous-divine-soft-beautiful- poreless skin, why hiding it! Show it off!

As I said many times, and I will keep saying it: Bravo for naturalness!!!

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