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How to get amazing eyebrows?

How to get amazing eyebrows?

This morning, I asked my mom: What should I write about on my blog? What would you like to read about? She said: BROWS! She has been struggling with her brows for a while. (She has nice brows though).

So let´s talk about brows today! this post is dedicated to my mother!

First of all, the more NATURAL the BETTER. Always! I think nature is very wise and we were born with the brows that fit us.

The 90´s were awful with that trend of tweezing eyebrows super thin. I never liked that. I used to be proud of my brows even was too much for that time. (I was a kid, but I believed it was right). Just the space in between I had to remove to not to look like Frida Kahlo. (I love her!).

Apart from the nineties2016 is the other way around. Painting too much, thick and dark. I´ve seen in so many Instagrams, in Pinterest… also on the streets is the trend that I´ve noticed. Not everyone, but is very common. Really this is so wrong. Don´t do this. Looks like really fake and not flattering.

The shape of the eyebrows is really important, it can really change your facial expression in a good or bad way.


Main points:

  • Not too pointy eyebrows
  • Not too black/dark
  • Not too long
  • Too square on the front

Basically tweeze the least excess hairs. Use a pencil to find out the right shape of your brows.

  1. The inner edges of the eyebrows are aligned with the outside of the nose.
  2. From the outside of the nose to the pupil, in your brow is the highest point.
  3. From the outside of the nose to the corner of the eye, is where the eyebrow ends.

Then you can use different products to groom your eyebrows. (Below I will recommend the brands that I like).

  • Pencil for brows (MAC)
  • Wax & powder (Browzings, Benefit)
  • Brown brow mascara (Benefit) 

Personally, to me the pencil is more accurate, drawing like small hair strokes filling empty spaces to make it look natural with a nice shape.

SOON: BROWS video tutorial.


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