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7 Best Lip balms

7 Best Lip balms

Hello, my dears! How are you? Happy Friday! Happy Black Friday... Shopping!

Yes... We love it!

Today I will show you which are in my experience THE 7 BEST LIP BALMS! Since It's starting to get really cold, our lips might tend to get dry... so let´s get started.

1. DIOR LIPGLOW. It is the best in the entire world! Its texture is super soft and its perfume is minty and very gentle. It enhances your natural pink lips and it looks so gorgeous. Feels highly hydrating and repairing. 

2. Elizabeth Arden 8 hour Cream. It has amazing texture and when you have cracked lips, it feels relieving. 

3. Fresh, Sugar Passion. This one, in particular, has a tint and looks super nice. I tried it for the first time after reading really good rates about it. Then I decided to buy it, and yes! It´s great!


4. M·A·C. Good texture. Highly hydrating.

5. CARMEX. Super minty, super relieving.

6. GAL. This balm is a Spanish classic. I grew up with this balm. The smell brings me a lot of memories.

7. banila co. And of course, we missed the Korean one! The feeling and texture is very similar to the M·A·C lip balm.

That´s all for today. If you haven´t find your favorite lip balm yet, try one of my suggestions. Hugs and kisses!!! Hydrated kisses! I love you! Good night. <3

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