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The Power of Colors and the Power of Lipsticks

The Power of Colors and the Power of Lipsticks

Hello my dears! How are you?

I love colors! I love lipsticks! Yay! Today, I will talk about how to adapt chromotherapy to our lips. Beyond trends and the colors that suit us better, I want to show how our face changes depending on our lipstick color.

Today I will focus on lips and colors. Unquestionably, we communicate with the clothes and the makeup (non-verbal communication). Also, we can strengthen a look or we can ruin it. Colors play a very important role.

Lipstick colors have to be warm colors, never cool. I am talking about real life, because in fashion and editorials, the makeup is art and it is beautiful to see and get inspired by, and it doesn't have to be something that we would necessarily wear. We can't compare red lips with blue or green lips, although they are very trendy right now. Red lips are way more flattering. I think it is similar with food and drinks, we don’t feel like eating something blue, it is too artificial, chemical.

If are used to wear the same lipstick color all the time, I encourage you to try new shades, new effects: tints, matte, glossy … Many women don’t dare not because they don’t like it, but because they are not used to it and they feel weird. I hear many times: “Yes, I like it, but it is not for me, I like it in other people…” No! I don’t want to hear it anymore, Why in others and not in yourself???

If you ask me which is my favorite color, I could not answer you, because I love every color and I like to change. It depends on my mood. Despite my love for colors, the red lipstick is the color par excellence, same as red nails. You can look at the vintage makeup ads from the 40s, 50s, and 60s. Practically everything was about red lips, red nails and matching your red lips with your red nails.

And now, I will briefly explain you the meaning of some colors.

Red: It is undoubtedly the SEXIEST color, matte or glossy. It inspires femininity, love, passion and power. You can hardly go wrong with this color, and I would say that it is the color that fits great to all women without exception. Taking into account that some clothes don't fit red lips. There are colors that flatter better on blondes, others that look better on brunettes... but red is universal for all of us. Long live to the red lipstick!

Orange: It's a color that inspires positivism and joy. This tone looks better on women with darker skin tone. If you have fair skin, orange will make your teeth look yellowish .

It is a super summery tone although I wear it in winter too. I'm not a person who separates colors by season. I love color always. Moreover, in cold and rainy days, I tend to wear more cheerful and bright colors to compensate those gray days. It cheers me up!

Baby pink: It inspires innocence, sweetness, softness, and delicacy. Great for blondes, and girls with green or blue eyes.

Fuchsia: It is a cheerful, energetic, lively, positive and very feminine color. Compared with the red color, fuchsia is a “younger” color.

Purple: A color with a lot of strength, wisdom, and intelligence with a touch of mystery. Great for brunettes and women with dark skin. My favorite one after the color red.

Nude: It is a very natural color, perfect to wear it with an eyecat eyeliner or smokey eye.

Brown: Very neutral and flattering on every woman. Brown itself inspires home, warmth, union, gives a lot of security and confidence.

I must confess ... I never wear this color. In fact, it is the only color I do not like in general, I don’t have any brown clothes, because it reminds me to fall season, and I relate autumn to coldness.

Yes, I like it, but not for me, I like it in other people…

Blue: Blue is the color of hope, the color of the sea, the oceans and the sky. Also the mystery and starry nights. Sorry, but on the lips, looks really weird!

Black: This color has many connotations and they are at the same time contradictory. The black is an "easy" color because you can not fail wearing black, it’s an elegant color, at least in theory. But in the case of black lips, they don't inspire elegance, they inspire rebellion.

I have prepared a video to show different shades to see how some shades favor us, and others not so much. In the video, I'm wearing a very simple and basic look so you can see the change.

I'll keep posting videos and tips on lip shades. Stay tuned. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask in the comments below, to take them into account and include the content in the next tutorials. I hope you like it! Hugs, and colored kisses!

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